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night. scott broom joins us live with the latest on the efforts to put a stop to these disturbing attacks. scott. >> well, if detectives can link this latest attack to the others, that will make five such attacks in the last five months. >> responded in force last night with tracking dogs after a 20-year-old woman walking alone along veers mill road was attacked by a man who tried to drag her into the nearby park. an unsuccessful sexual assault at 6:30 in the evening. it's the latest attack in a cluster of attempted sexual assaults and a rape that have occurred since october. often near parkland. last night's attack followed a familiar pattern. >> the subject went to grab the victim. the victim fought the subject off. they are examining the possibility that this could be tied into other events. however, they can't make that determination at this time. >> police may have come close to these cases. there are a series of security camera photos released in november, showing a possible suspect leaving the scene of an earlier attack and this composite photo has been widely distribut
officers who break the law it's a betrayal of that trust in the backdrop of what brings us here today. in an internal sting operation over the weekend. the metropolitan police department staked a fake burglary. they allege a metropolitan police officer jennifer green. ms green has been with the police department since september of 2005. when that operation was complete, she was charged with burglary and is expect today be arraigned here in the courtroom in a matter of moments. to give you a sense of how the justice system operates here, we talked to her attorney less than 10 minutes ago. the lawyer said i didn't know she was a police officer. he said he didn't know what the charges were. he says when it happens, clearly this is breaking at this moment though, ladies. she remains on suspension from the dc police department with pay, taxpayers are continuing to give her a check until or unless she is proven guilty or not. back to you. >> all right, lots to follow there. thank you. >>> there is a sad story out in german crash tonight. the crash involved two vehicles and one of them was a
for joining us this afternoon. >> absolutely. >> so the acting dc chancellor, says there was no chance of any cheating, but the status said something is up. >> we took a look at these eraser rates, it wasn't that some of these students had two or three more changed answers, we are talking 10 times, 15 times, where the probability of this happening is so chance winning a lottery ticket is more likely. >> we need to talk about michelle reid because obviously we haven't heard from her yet. you haven't heard from her yet. she is considered the darling of the reform movement. what do you do with these numbers? she spent a lot of time at noise, gave them a lot of money and attention there. what should parents think about these findings with noise and what does this do to the reform movement in general? >> it raises questions about what these eraser rates mean. when we went into the story, we were careful to start with the data first, to say look at these numbers and see how they were from the rest of the average of the school district? we started looking closer, we found some examples, li
and concerned and investigators are saying that they are working with the u.s. military to try to bring emil decker back to help in the investigation. meanwhile bethany is five months pregnant. investigators say there is no reason to believe that emi doesn't believe it was his baby because he was back here in september, october for a visit. they are trying it find out if there is any problem in the marriage. looking for information. trying to find if anybody knows bethany decker's whereabouts. peggy fox reporting live in ash burn. >> thank you, peggy. >>> a controversial decision that is garnering a great deal of attention at this hour. today the supreme court ruled that a grieving father's pain over gearing protests at his marine son's funeral must yield to the law of free speech. >> reporter: this would have to be considered a classic case of hating the speech but protecting speaker's right to say it. the baptist church certainly added to albert schneider's pain throwing up to protest at his funeral's son who was killed in combat. the church members conveyed the message that god is killing
without us. only if he's going to work. >> right now we have very little to go on. >> police announced they will look into the possibility that this murder is linked to another highly unusual killing. the death of an 81-year-old olney man in his home friday. >> right now, we don't know of a relationship between the two victims. so right now, we're investigating to determine if there is any link between these two men. >> gedara's family know of no links, residents are unsettled. >> i lived in olney my entire life and it's scary. >> police say there may have been a sighting of a vehicle towards georgia avenue about the time of yesterday's incident. it was an older model beige toyota camry like this one. they are hoping any of this information might jog somebody's memory, generate some tips that. and a commitment to investigate whether or not these crimes are linked. reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. >>> our team coverage continues. >> police now say one of their neighbors was in fact murdered. matt. >> reporter: the death of an elderly man over the weekend was classified as s
of labor talks. stakes couldn't be higher. brett haber is joining us from northwest washington where negotiations are going on. brett. >> reporter: lesli, anita, it is hard to imagine that the players and owners wouldn't find a way to keep this $9 billion golden goose that is the nfl alive. but if they can't reach a new deal by midnight that is exactly what they would be looking at. we are hearing that the negotiations are ongoing. we understand that as they unfolded today late word came out that they may not be headed for all-out war. >> reporter: the nuclear option would be for the owners to declare a lockout for the union to go for decertification. the two sides are talking about stopping the clock before the contract expires tonight giving both sides two weeks to negotiate. >> owners can lock them out and try to squeeze them that way. well, the other option on the table is extending that deadline. and i think it is the most logical thing when you think about what is at risk here. >> reporter: as the future of football hangs in the balance the entire nation is transfixed including
. the one in manassas is the one exception. peggy fox will tell us how they handled the landing there in manassas. >> reporter: the busiest airport for virginia is manassas regional. it does have a tower, but it's not manned 24 hours a day. even when no one is in the tower, airplanes still land. this is video from a few hours ago inside a small airplane about to land at manassas regional airport. a request has been made and granted by an faa air traffic controller in the tower. >> you can contact ground patch. >> reporter: 130,000 takeoffs and landings make it the busiest airport aviation in virginia and the only one with a control tower. >> we have two parallel runways, which would make it very difficult without a tower for people to be landing side by side at an untowerred airport. >> reporter: but the towers are only staffed from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. planes can still land when no one is up top, just like what happened at reagan national. >> if something happened to smaller airports, that would happen all the time. >> reporter: he says that the passengers on board those air
it right. we need to learn and not have someone give us the answers. >> reporter: we distorted the fifth grader's voice who told 9news now his teacher and teacher aide pointed out wrong answers and had him correct it. >> we are taking that very seriously and my security team will investigate. >> we are doing an investigation ourselves about the situation at the school. we find it to be inaccurate. >> reporter: the teacher's union president says the elementary school does not have the higher ratio rates of the other schools in question. >> maybe what the teacher was instructing the student to do is simply fill out this certain area properly so that your test could be recorded correctly and that's not unusual. >> reporter: at today acouncil hearing about impact the assessment program that ties teacher evaluations an bonuses to test scores we also learned school leaders are now making changes to better secure the test. >> we will be extra vigilent about test security after the exam. the state student has gone through a process where test booklets will have a seal this year that th
in the next 30 to 45 minutes. the rest of us will have to wait a couple hours. so again, severe thunderstorm watch west of town including the district until 11:00 p.m. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for garrett county until 5 p.m. we will keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you, topper. >>> she is a template for many of today's celebrities. elizabeth taylor. her talent, beauty and stormy personal life made her one of the last old fashioned movie stars. she died at age 79. >> she died of congestive heart failure this morning in los angeles where she had been in the hospital for six weeks. her four children were there at her side. >> taylor appeared in more than 50 films. won oscars for her performances in two movies. she was equally famous for her violate eyes and personal struggles including eight marriages and a series of physical ailments. she was a spokesperson for humanitarian causes most notably aids research. >> we have live team coverage tonight beginning on the hollywood walk of fame where a steady stream of people have been coming by to pay their final respects. >> reporte
-old baby is dead after her mother's car runs over her. police tell us the 28-year-old mother was unloading her daughter and her 3-year-old son from the car when it drifted backwards. it happened around 9:00 a.m. outside the children's grandmother's house on the 8300 block. that toddler was rushed to children's hospital and that's where we find delia gonclaves live now with the latest. we want to know how is that little boy? >> that is the good news in this very sad story that the little boy is going to be okay. he is in stable condition here at children's hospital but his little sister sadly 3 months old didn't make it. >> she was screaming call 91. >> reporter: pam harrison heard the terrifying screams of a desperate mother this morning and rushed to her neighbor's house across the street to help. >> i just looked at the baby and i was like, okay, this is not good. i'm trying to calm her down and i'm trying to get the baby -- trying to do c.p.r., trying to do what i could for the baby. didn't look good for the baby. the whole entire time she is screaming save my baby, save my baby. >> rep
by the security firm, i think cavee caveon needs to step up. >> the president of the board told us yesterday he suspected there have been cheating in four classrooms and teachers, principals or administrators were removed from their positions as a result. chairman brown was also planning to meet with chancellor henderson today. >> and one, she is going to release the independent study that was done and investigation so we can see how it was looked at and what some of those facts are. she has asked for the inspector general to take a look at the situation. so, i mean, it is not like nothing is being done. >> chairman brown tells 9news now he may actually call hearings on all this. chancellor henderson already asked the dc inspector general to investigate. reed says while cheating may have occurred she still believes that a vast majority of the teachers and administrators would never falsify test results but there could be exceptions. >> are they backing away from the caveon report. >> they are reporting that the unit they had out of philadelphia caveon did an investigation but it wasn't a compl
to kind of walk us through it all. sky 9 over the scene as the dramatic rescue unfolded. a man struck by a train is alive and trapped underneath and rescuers are quickly working to lift the rail car with jacks. >> everybody was wondering is he alive or dead? >> reporter: bystanders seemed in disbelief that anyone could survive an ordeal but soon it became clear the victim had been freed in a matter of less than a half hour. >> i saw a brief moment of his head and he is still alive and he had cuts and bruises all over. >> the patient was alert and talking throughout this process. >> his ankle was underneath the wheel. >> reporter: this man was one of the rescuers manning this small hydraulic jack, lifting the 80,000-pound rail car just so. >> the patient's foot was pinned underneath the wheel and we lifted the wheel up maybe an inch and a half, two inches just to free his foot. >> reporter: the victim was taken to a trauma center with life threatening injuries. bystanders also described the dramatic seconds before the incidents dent. >> there was an actual person that saw him do it and
it with us. this is new, we haven't heard this before. >> bruce, thank you so much. >> new details this evening into a case of alleged child abuse where three young girls were trapped in a bedroom full of feces and urine. we discovered the children's mother served one year probation, including drug counseling and parenting classes after she was charged with neglecting twin boys who are no longer in her care. delia is live in that bristow neighborhood and delia, we are also hearing that police discovered drugs in the house? >> a lot of new information today. we spent the whole day in court pouring through the case files locked away with these documents and disturbing new details, including the drugs that police found inside this home. we also learned that the neighbor who rescued these three girls spent a good amount of time inside the home. she tried waking up the parents several times. even gave the girls baths before she called police. >> it doesn't surprise me. >> neighbors who have known christina moore were horrified, but not completely shocked that she and her live in boyf
? you know what i'm saying? what would metro do without us? i feel like they need to step their game up. >> people want money for nothing, but you can't have everything for free. it has to be paid for somehow. >> we did a lot of stupid things. >> at a board meeting, metro admitted the escalator's brokedown, in part, are getting harder and harder to come by. >> it has been here since 1976 and it's made a big difference. i'm a metro supporter. but it is frustrating. >> i haven't had any issues with anything. i consider myself pretty considerate and lucky. >> metro says these escalators are going to break down. they can't predict, however, when they will malfunction. they can tell you, though, when an escalator is down. take a look here. we are on the home page. you can check under the rail option and go under escalator elevators. you can plan your trip and take a look at the progress. the status of those escalators at the service station you plan to travel through. so we're taking a look here and you can see that all the stations are listed alphabetically. we are going to scroll dow
they of bob who sent that in. we appreciate that. if you have a picture of hail or damage, e-mail it to us and we will put it on the air. all right. now we will talk about a couple things. look live doppler first wide doppler. you can see big thunderstorms that are about to cross i-81. we will zoom in a little bit. you can see they are about to get into front royal and about to cross here. that is very heavy thunderstorm. it will probably have hail. some may be hailers and we have frequent lightning. especially back to the west. we will zoom in one more time. and we will get pretty close. it's going to pass to the south of front royal, probably to the north of washington. so between those two, and then probably south of middletown and right around just south of front royal. all right. now we will go to live doppler. and you can see around town, we are quiet. we are watching the same batch of showers and thunderstorms just crossing i-81. so we will zoom in a little bit. we think in the next hour, they will have a pretty good impact especially south and west of town. we will put it in future
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15